Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Road Messes with Us!

Change! Oh my, the adjustments, frustrations, realignments and pleasures that come with change. They can shake one up pretty good! And, butt-to-butt living in Thistle is change -- change with a capital C. This kind of change translates into readjustment at almost every level, including getting to know one another all over again, even after thirty years of marriage. In fact, I said to Ed one day, "This feels like we're going through our first year of marriage adjustment all over again."

This life-trip we've ventured into is a mixed bag of emotional and behavioral enlightenments. We have been on the road for 53 days now and in that time, we've both questioned almost everything. We've also both said to one another, more than once, "Isn't this the most wonderful thing we've ever done?"

Before departure, talking about our Thistle living room being the wide open world was one thing, but now, on the road, there are long periods of time when our living room is a 6 x 5 capsule. "Go to your room until you can play nicely" is no longer an option. We cannot run away from one another, or worse, from ourselves.

I have blurted out, in moments of frustration, "We've made a horrible mistake. What in the world were we thinking?" For those of you who know Mr. Ed well, know I'm greeted with silence. Awk! How I hate my outbursts to sink into a quagmire of silence.

Then, after a spell, we move on. We discover the road changes us, providing just the right stimulation to pull us out of our funk. We find delight in locating the perfect coffee shop or boon docking location. Benton's cute antics make us laugh. We meet interesting new friends, doing what we're doing. Our senses are awakened with the beauty of the landscape. Our conversation is boosted with the things we see. Tiny Thistle feels cozy and safe and just right again.

Yep, we have not ventured out on the easiest adventure, but we will not suffer boredom.


"You got to mess with people, otherwise, they sink into a cryonic torpor."
- Utah Phillips


  1. Beautiful Photos! Love reading your blog! Love your writing!


  2. The Way It Is
    by sunnyharvy
    Over and over we have heard, "I could never travel like that with my husband/wife," or "You must really love each other to live that close together."

    Admittedly, it is not always easy, but well worth the effort. I used to think I could travel like this alone (actually I did a bit of it a long time ago), but I am now extremely grateful to have Al's company and support.

    I find it difficult to write about my personal feelings, so I was delighted to read my new friend Fran's eloquent expression of what this experience is really like. I could not have said it better myself, so I share her blog post below.

    I met Fran via email a couple of months ago before she and Ed embarked on their own full-time adventure in a vehicle identical to haRVy, which they named Thistle. Read Fran's post here at Thistle Adventure.

  3. Thank you Yessi and Leslie, for your wonderful comments and support. Just when I'm having a bad blogging day, I receive encouragement. Much appreciated!