Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fascination to Friendship

Boulder, Utah

This vehicle has been at several locations throughout our trip.

Borrego Springs, CA

Gooseneck Park, Utah

Mulie Point

Then again at Natural Bridges and finally, once again on Scenic Highway 12.

That was it, we needed to meet these people, as our paths kept passing at the most amazing locations.

We had such a nice meeting we moved onto dinner at Hell's Backbone Grill in Boulder, Utah. And, that was so lovely, we shared a boondocking site on Burr Trail Road and a bonfire.

New Friends

Thistle & Leo

This amazing vehicle, named Leo, definitely attracts attention. When folks look a little cross-eyed at it and ask, "What is it?" With a straight face and dry sense of humor, the answer is: "A German Jeep." The owners of this vehicle spent one year designing the conversion of this Mercedes truck chassis, including building a 1" scale so they could see if they had it right. Did they ever get it right. The interior is beautiful, with every detail nailed down.

Leo is on the road 7 months of the year, and has been since 2009. Next year we hope to meet up again -- perhaps Alaska? Or, perhaps in Washington…

"Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit."
- Aristotle


  1. I wondered if you'd ever meet the denizens of that beast! And if you did, what they'd be like. This is a wonderful ending to the mystery, and a delightful beginning to who-knows-what. And the interior of The Beast (as I think of it) is amazing. I thought Thistle was the bee's knees . . . . this is tough competition!

  2. Surprisingly nice inside! What sort of mileage do they get?


  3. Leo is 9 tons, gets 12 mpg, and holds 100 gallons of fuel. He is a beast outside and a beauty inside.