Monday, July 24, 2017


Tomorrow we have reservations for the Pt. Townsend ferry, to take a leisurely drive down the peninsula to Olympia.  We will camp Friday night at Millersylvania State Park.  Us, and thousands of others, year in and year out, enjoy this park because of the Miller family's generosity.  In 1921 they turned over this 842 acres, including Deep Lake, to the state, with the request that it always be used as a park.  Thank you John Miller family!

Looking up from our camp site.

We even found a beer garden, in a state park.  Such pleasure sitting
 in the shade sipping a cool one.

The lake was being enjoyed by all manner of people and their water toys.

Early the next morning we make our way to North Thurston High School for the Washington State Senior Games.  Ed, a racewalking enthusiast, is ready for competition.   The senior games start at age 50, and have a class for every four years of age, up through 100+.   The oldest competitor this year was George Rowswell.  He is 100 years of age and throws the discus from his wheelchair.  He also lifts 10 to 20 pound weights, 200 times daily.  Grit comes to mind.

For the past three years, training and practicing the proper racewalking techniques have motivated Ed.  He's been to Green Lake racewalking clinics a few times to learn from the masters.  Otherwise he walks here on the island, as well as when we travel, increasing his time all the while perfecting the proper form.

Doing it wrong can be harsh because the judges, after issuing three warnings of rule violations, will disqualify you, and the decision is final.  There is no appeal.  

You've no doubt seen racewalkers.  They look somewhat strange until you become familiar with their gait.   There are two basic racewalking techniques required:

1) Taking steps so that the walker connects with the ground with no visible loss of contact.
This is the difference from racewalking and running.   The heel of the front foot and the toe of the rear foot must be in contact with the ground at the same time. 

 2) The advancing leg must be straight-kneed from the moment of first contact with the ground until in a vertical position.
This is the difference between racewalking and walking. The rule is that the knee is held straight when the heel strikes the ground, and remains straight until it passes under the body. Then the knee bends and swings forward for the next step.

So here's Ed…

Two gold metals!
 (5k and 1500 meter)


"Setting a goal is not the main thing.  It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan."

~ Tom Landry