Monday, November 30, 2015

The Chinese Wedding

China - #3

The wedding was fabulous!  Well beyond my wildest expectations.  The venue was the Seaview Resort in Xiamen, complete with amazing hotel splendor in a subtropical setting.  Yessi began the day in her first wedding dress, greeting friends, breakfasting and finalizing preparations, looking oh so beautiful!

Then photographs followed in the other two wedding dresses (and suits for Brad) in the hotel gardens.

Despite already being married in America for a year and a half, both Brad and Yessi engage in those pre-wedding contemplative moments, both alone and together.

No words can begin to describe the sheer splendor; stunning beauty; Brad and Yessi's huge smiles; or the pleasure of their guests, better than photographs.  There are hundreds and hundreds of photographs, so I sorted and sorted and still have too many.  Please enjoy my excess...

The Chinese princess bride and groom…

The Chinese princess bride and groom with family and friends…

The typical Chinese wedding is complete with reception line, banquet, wedding cake, slide show of bride and groom, entry of bride and groom with attendants, best man and maid of honor, toasting, dancing, and singing with either more or less of any of these events, depending on the family's wishes.   What's different in China is the couple is already married, which happens in a government ceremony (or for Brad and Yessi in America), prior to the celebration.  The party part of the wedding is just that…a big, fun, eat-and-drink-a-lot party.  

The western white-dress princess bride and groom…

The western white-dress princess bride and groom with family and friends…

Photographs of the party…dinner (for 600), along with gaiety, hundreds of toasts,  and sharing joy with new and old family and friends!

And there is no way we can ever fully express our gratitude for all our American friends who traveled so far to attend Brad and Yessi's wedding.  


No doubt, this is the first Chinese wedding, or perhaps any wedding, with Ronald McDonald in attendance.  A little add-on by Brad and Yessi because their first meeting was at a McDonald's in New Zealand.  Ronald played a major part in their romance and subsequent marriage.

And, to our new Chinese family and friends, Wow! do you ever know how to throw a party.  We are honored!  This beautiful couple holds our families together in love


"Not quite enough room on your face for your smile!!!  Beautiful!

~ Priscilla Storandt
(About me - Facebook wedding photograph comment)