Monday, April 6, 2015


Sedona, Arizona

My reaction as we entered Sedona was love at first sight. Unfortunately that love, all too quickly, turned a bit sour, morphing into a love-hate state. My first reaction, however, was very important. I will never forget the powerful and beautiful natural landscape the town of Sedona is set in. Magical!

Unfortunately it is too quickly spoiled by huge swaths of sprawling development, even onto the tops of beautiful red rock outcrops.

Sedona is a fancy town full of fine restaurants, galleries, and some excellent architecture. It is also, as one friend described it, "Vortex. Woo Woo!" If you want to zip line into an African safari jungle over lions, and other wild animals, you can. Or, other options, if you don't like the zip line idea are helicopter, jeep, hummer, hot air balloon, or train sightseeing options.

If you have a dog, forget all of the above, including the Red Rock State Park, where "No Pets" are welcome.


"Everything money and bad taste can buy."
- Louise Grant Pruitt

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