Monday, April 27, 2015

Going Back

Isn't it interesting to discover something "new" about one's self? We have been traveling for two and one half months now, and we've discovered each of us resists going back. Once we move on, we have moved on! I know, you laugh! Many of you have watched us live our lives that way.

Right now we are camped at King Creek, a winter-closed-but-still-kinda-open campground between Bryce Canyon and Red Canyon on the East Fork of the Sevier River. It's not snowing. The sun shines and we're sheltered from the wind. Hiking is not unbearably cold. It's also not slick and muddy! The forecast calls for warmer weather again mid week. Hum?

We look at one another, blurting out at the same moment, "shall we go back to Bryce?"

On our retreat from Bryce yesterday, we stopped at Red Canyon and hiked the close-to-the-road tourist hikes. Beautiful, but a tease. Now we want more of the Red Canyon hoodoos!

We definitely plan on hiking there again today, but that's not the going back I'm referring to. Shall we retrace our steps and return to Bryce Canyon?

We still want to hike down into the canyon so a plan to wait out the weather is forming, and right now it looks like this: today Red Canyon hiking; tomorrow riding the bike trail between Bryce Canyon and Red Canyon; and Wednesday, back to Bryce for our hike into the canyon, and perhaps an extra day or two for clear-sky sightseeing and bike riding.


"We must not only protect the country side and save it from destruction, we must restore what has been destroyed and salvage the beauty and charm of our cities … Once our natural splendor is destroyed, it can never be recaptured. And once man can no longer walk with beauty or wonder at nature, his spirit will wither and his sustenance be wasted."
- Lyndon B. Johnson
President of the United States


  1. Bryce is definitely worth it. I hiked down into the canyon at sunrise and it was glorious. Of course that was June now April... :)


  2. We're back at Bryce, Leslie. Tomorrow morning we'll hike down into the canyon. It is warm and beautiful. Hard to believe it was so cold and snowy just a few days ago.