Saturday, March 28, 2015

Working, Playing, Enjoying

Patagonia, Arizona

What an amazing transformation this sweet little home has seen with Penny and Rob's combined good eye and Michael's mean brush.

From this...
To this...

While here I have been doing a little landscape design consultation, but lots more enjoying, visiting, laughing, eating and basking in the warmth of Arizona and Langley friendships.

Between these two buildings there will be a two-tiered flagstone patio. The elevations will be retained with dry stack walls using local stone collected on site or close by. Plantings will be Arizona through and through!

Both Ed and I are quite taken with Patagonia. It is a small (1000 people or so) town, with a delightful character along with the necessary amenities. A great hang-out coffee shop; outstanding organic grocer; stylish and charming clothing store; fun and rowdy town tavern; a Politically Incorrect Gas Station; and a shady park right down the middle of town.

We parked Thistle on Penny and Rob's driveway for several nights, enjoying a dark, dark star-filled night sky, and a beautiful view by day.

The party began breaking up with Rob's departure on Wednesday and Michael's and ours on Thursday. Penny leaves next week.

Saying goodbye to a beautiful view

It was difficult to move on from Patagonia, but here we are. Our camp tonight is at Chiricahua National Monument in Southeast Arizona. We're checking it out for our May Trail angeling activities, when Yessi and Brad will be hiking and mapping for Green Trail Maps. The splendor is glorious!


"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."
- Linda Grayson

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