Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Flowers & Tortoises

Joshua Tree, CA - #1

As we were leaving the Mojave Desert it started to sprinkle. Naturally the conversation turned to flowers and the endangered desert tortoises as both need rain to be seen, and we want to see both.

By the time we arrived at Joshua Tree the rain was a steady soaker. Roads were wet, puddles were forming (those lovely tortoise-attracting-puddles), and the flood warning signs were beginning to make sense as the arroyos were already showing signs of wash.

It rained off and on all night, as we cozily nestled into Thistle's cocoon. No camp fire tonight. Actually, not many campfires on this entire trip, so far. It has been too cold, too wet, too windy -- you know, too much like winter -- too much of the time.

This is my fourth trip to Joshua Tree, and each time I am struck silent with wonder. The majestic splendor does not fade, it might, in fact, increase. If this view, from which I can't lift my gaze, were of another human being, I'd be asked to stop staring.


"There are some places so beautiful they can make a grown man break down and weep."
- Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang


  1. I hope you are getting some sketching done. The shapes and textures are like a siren song.

  2. I'm trying Sue. The "siren song" is feeling more overwhelming than anything, at this point. I have several sketches, that will probably remain forever private. Practicing my flute too.