Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why in the World Would We do This?

Munching on a granola bar, as Ed and I were taking a riding break, I said to him, "You know, if you ever hear me going bump, bump, bump on the back of the tandem, just know I died happy."  The funny image I had was of me, with my shoes clipped in so I can't fall off, bumping along on the back of the bike.

That's my attitude when someone says, "You're doing what?" in response to hearing Ed and I are moving into a van to become vagabonds.  That first question is usually followed by other questions like, "At your age?"  "What about health insurance?"  "What if you get sick?"  "You're really selling your home?"  "How about your garden?"  "You're getting rid of all your things?"  

The answer in my head is, bump, bump, bump!  Bumps in life happen so whether we're safe or not, we're going for it.   And, yes, there will be bumps but we want to live this final part of our lives on an adventure rather than being too comfortable and perhaps too bored with too safe a life.  

We've never lived and traveled in a van before, although many of our friends report they did years and years ago.  But, we're ready now.  Hey, why not?   We'll part with our stuff.  We'll take a risk.  And, with our sweet and wonderful Yessi and Brad living on Whidbey, we'll be back often!

Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.
 ~ Shahir Zag


  1. To say nothing of your not-so-sweet and sometimes wonderful friend Anne!!

  2. Missing Anne will be high on our list of missed friends. We're wondering if she'll leave her loom long enough to join us for a spell.