Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trail Angeling

Driving around the country aimlessly looking at the sights, although pleasant,  just isn't going to do it for us.  Our  discussions, time and time again, but especially now without the daily work schedule to keep us occupied, narrow themselves down to the question, "How do we live our lives?"   Where is the meaning and direction?   As a perennial volunteer, that's the first direction I look.

I have been finding opportunities galore for RV fulltimers to volunteer.   Habitat for Humanity provides a camp spot and hookups for volunteering, as do some lighthouses.  Almost all the parks -- private, national, state and county -- provide volunteer opportunities like camp host, working at an interpretive center or leading hikes -- often with complimentary camping.  Rails to Trails offers trail patrol, animal shelters offer dog walking, and wild mustang rescue offers ranch work.  

Staying busy definitely won't be a problem.  But then there's the question of meaning.  The particulars of meaning are pondered by us in agonizing detail.  We chew and chew, but I must confess, I have Ed beat on this one.  I can belabor a topic until I've strangled it into an early grave.

We do know we will be trail angels once we hit the road full time.  We also know we will be doing some trail angel work along the PCT in Washington this summer if the parts for our van ever arrive from Germany.  Right now, with our house unsold, and our van still in the shop, we're in an agonizing hold pattern.  Chomping at the bit comes to mind.

Angel stash on PCT, CA, 2012

The stash pictured above was one of ours.  We discovered the delight of being trail angels in 2012 when we were supporting our son on his PCT adventure.   Not only did we leave stashes, we gave hikers rides, despite our overloaded vacation-packed car, hauled away their trash so they didn't need to carry it one more step,  delivered food boxes to remote locations, and offered smiles and hugs at every opportunity.  Yep, trail angeling is definite.


If you think you are too small to make a difference you have never spent
 the night with a mosquito. 
 The Dalai Lama

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