Friday, August 22, 2014

We Wander and We Ponder

A few days ago, Ed and I celebrated our 30th anniversary.  We poked here and there as we chattered about where we've been and where we're going.  No great insights, but lots of hot conversation action...

The day began walking with Benton and our new neighbor, Meg, in Putney Woods, with a quick Yessi visit on our way home.  Then, heading north, we visited Brad at his job site at Useless Bay to see the hot new cabinets he is making out of big chunky live-edged cedar.  Ooohlala!   Affable neighbor/family visits to anchor us in our lives, our community and our family, without which we would be completely bereft.

Main Street Body Shop was the next stop.  We needed to visit Thistle.  Bad news!  Thistle is still awaiting parts from Germany.  Yikes.  We need our beautiful van back together so we can hit the road.  The price for carelessness is high.  We're sorry.  No more rear-end accidents.  We promise!  NO MORE REAR-END ACCIDENTS!

We then stuffed ourselves with big three-scoop ice-cream cones in Coupeville, whether to celebrate an almost back-together-van or to drown our sorrows of still no van is up for grabs.  Our next wander, without much ponder, was Jan McGregor's fabulous Japanese import store where we purchased silk quilting squares to make prayer flags.  The flags will hang from Thistle's awning letting our prayers for health and peace and good food disperse in the wind as we bump along the back roads of North America.  

Prayer Flags for Thistle

Office Depot (oh how I miss the independent private stationery stores) in Oak Harbor was  another stop to pick up a couple document storage items for Thistle.  Continuing north we bought sketch books at Hobby Lobby, a first time there for us.  Once we sorted through the warehouse of amazingly tacky junk, we found a smidgeon of real merchandise, way back in back, including our desired sketch books.   Now that I've seen Hobby Lobby it will be put into the same rubbish heap as WalMart.  Next we scouted out chairs for Thistle at a RV place in Burlington but found them lacking.   Hard to be polite about this persistence of shoddy.  We pondered this at length, with no resolution surfacing.

Our last stop was in Anacortes for our anniversary dinner at Rock Fish Grill.  Lovely!  We toasted our good fortune, our happiness, and our ability to keep on keeping on, no matter what.  There are always those no matter what events, but our 30 years puts to rest their seriousness or is it our resoluteness?

Then we wander on home to Langley after a fine day.  Benton, poor car-bored Benton, did get a few wanderings too, whew!


"There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate."
~Robert Brault

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