Thursday, January 1, 2015

Zig Zag Saga

While others our age are settling in, we're looking for adventure.  Wanderlust is nipping at our heels.  Many of our friends, back in the 60's, were zig zagging down the roads of America in Volkswagen buses.  Others were hitchhiking through Europe.  We, on the otherhand, were raising babies, fulfilling military obligations and getting educations.  We didn't zig zag back then, much to our parents' relief.  

But, now, we want to jump into the abyss of adventure.  Our first retirement idea was to move to Ecuador.  Many of you were informed of these plans, and one year ago we set off to investigate.  With delight we explored!  We enjoyed the fine architecture and fun-filled public markets.  The people were warm and friendly and the countryside beautiful.  Miles of streets were explored, and, despite our language limitations, we settled in nicely for a month of engrossing Ecuadorian life.

Parade in Cuenca

Quito Street

Church in Loja

Riding in Vilcabamba

We met expats and learned of their joys and difficulties.    We made every effort to feel the country and how our lives would live if we relocated.  Our experiences were positive and encouraging, with the major exception being the smell of meat in the markets.  But the coming and going was horrible.  My digestive tract troubles did not help the flying experience, but even  trying to account for that difficulty, it was awful.  

Then we thought about our family and friends and changed our plans.  Way too many grueling hours between Ecuador and the people we love.  Instead, with an amazing switch, we moved from the Ecuador idea to becoming full-time van travelers.  Our Thistle Adventure was born


The details of life, like selling our home, are making for a slow transition, but we're ready.  We've taken "practice" trips, and are about to set off on another.  Our living-really-small solutions are working well and aside from some mishaps with the van (solely our fault) it is working very well.  

In early February, once we wrap up doctor and dentist appointments, we will head south.  Friends will be visited in Ojai, Anza Borrego, Santa Fe and Patagonia.  We will explore Joshua Tree, Death Valley  and the Mojave Desert.   We will bask in sunshine.

The zig zag saga will unfold.


"The path to your dreams is rarely linear.  You gotta zig zag your way to happiness."

~Karen Salmansohn

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