Thursday, January 29, 2015


We optimistically set the first week of February as our departure date for heading south, knowing circumstances might postpone our actual drive away. Today, that's exactly what happened. We're labeling the missed deadline, dawdling.  The lax nuance of dawdling is just right, plus the word, d a w d l i n g, rolls around on my tongue in a delightful way. 

Last week Ed had two teeth extracted.  Now, infection is nipping at his sinuses, so he's been advised to stick close and down massive doses of antibiotics and probiotics.   February 12 he will see the dentist again and, if cleared, we can leave.  

Our fingers are crossed that he heals soundly.  If not, we'll be here for Valentine's Day.  Not a bad turn of events.

Since we still have lists with unchecked tasks,  we'll look at this delay as a blessing.  Plus, if this beautiful weather holds, who needs to head south?    We do have a renter scheduled to move into our home this next week.  However, with Thistle and our barn for backup accommodations, that plan can unfold without interrpution.  In fact, perhaps we'll get that winter camp trip to Fort Casey State Park in after all. 

Back to  planning and scheming and making lists...


"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley."

~ Robert Burns