Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ready for Four Muddy Feet

In this world of big box stores, supermarkets the size of football fields, and mass marketing of low grade merchandise, it is refreshing to locate a small local company with a quality product.   

Thistle has upholstered seats, vulnerable to dirt, wear and tear. How easily we could soil or rip these attractive seats, especially given our four-footed friend, Benton.  Initially, we were thinking slipcovers, but they would not work well, limiting access to gear pockets, arm rests, and under seat storage.  

Finally we decided to just put a blanket on the seat for Benton and be done with it.  In explaining this to a friend, she suggested Mambe Waterproof Blankets, designed for a wide range of uses, such as pet blankets, furniture covers, outdoor picnic blankets and survival blankets.   

We purchased three.  Two are small, 24" x 24", to cover the front seats and a third, 70" x 90",  to cover the back seat.  Benton's muddy feet?  No problem!

 Mambe blankets  have a different color on each side,
with waterproofing in-between

Thistle seat throws 

In ordering, I was having trouble with the site accepting my credit card so I called the company. A real live human being answered my call, and with great patience solved the problem.   

Garnishing this fine product, the order was accompanied with a handwritten note.   We enthusiastically recommend Mambe.


"Buy less. Choose well.  Make it last.  Quality, not quantity."

  ~Vivienne Westwood 

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  1. Fran,
    Thank you so much for the mention on your blog. We truly appreciate the recognition. Wow, it sounds like you are on the adventure of a lifetime! We are honored you have a Mambe along for the ride.

    All the best to you, Ed, and Benton on your adventure!

    Matt (and the rest of the Mambe team, all a little jealous of you right now….)