Saturday, January 17, 2015

bon appétit

We love eating!  Not fast foods, but real food.  We love the feel, touch and taste of food.  We enjoy selecting it, preparing it and eating it.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, quality pots and pans, candle light, and a beautiful table.   It is with this in mind that we strike out to outfit Thistle's galley.  

Having lived small for a number of years, we know small is too often interpreted as shoddy, and lightweight is often of inferior quality as well.   The typical RV supply stores wouldn't work and they are expensive as well.   We head directly for our town's thrift store, Good Cheer, to see what we can find.  We score.  Lovely pottery, in great colors, is available for $1.50 a plate.  In our excitement we purchased a few too many, but we know there will be breakage from time-to-time.

small dinner plates

large dinner plates

Many of Thistle's fittings will come from our kitchen.  Knives, flat wear, mugs, gadgets, pots and pans.  Each item will need to receive our seal of approval before being allowed aboard. We do not want to create clutter or excessive weight.  Our pans will be reduced from many to a few, but they will be of quality.  Our sacrifice, if there is one, is quantity only. 

Pots and pans packed for travel

On our searches of kitchen stores, we came across collapsible bowls, both practical and attractive.  We purchased two, with the bonus being that one, with it's rubberized non-slip construction,  can ride on the counter full of fresh fruit.  We also found a sweet little collapsible colander.

bowls and colander

bowls and colander collapsed

Also, on our scouting expeditions we found a small teapot and a practical, but not very large, grater. 



Glasses seemed problematic to us.  They can be too fragile for the rattling around they get on the road.  Our solution, although plastic, is great.  We found heavy duty, plastic glasses at Crate&Barrel, in wonderful colors.

colorful plastic glasses

When we think of our life in Thistle, we don't think of living a life inferior to our present life,  just much, much smaller.  We are pleased with our galley's performance so far, both in terms of the design of the galley and in the items we've selected to outfit it.  Good food will travel with us.


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

~ Virginia Woolf


  1. Such good information for those of us who also live small(ish). I've been wanting a few brightly-colored "glasses" for a long time; now I know where to find them. And that colander! Oh my, that sweet colander! My ancient battered enameled metal one is heading for its last days . . . .

  2. If I remember correctly the colander came from that sweet kitchen shop on the main street in Mt. Vernon, can't remember it's name. Although, since finding it, I've seen it several other places. Your kitchen rework is going to be fun. You've waited patiently for the time to be right.

  3. I love the thoughtful details.