Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tonight I Pray for my Country

Today Ed and I hiked the Misery Ridge Trail feeling optimistic about Hillary Clinton being our next president. We laughed and talked as we hiked, enjoying the views and the day and our world and our country's prospects for peace and prosperity. We enjoyed stomping the misery of this awful campaign season in the butt.

How misplaced our optimism.

I have always trusted the voters to do the right thing...eventually. I guess eventually is a bit further off than I thought. For half of this country to think Trump is even remotely qualified to be President is terrifying. And then to realize they knowingly voted for a liar, racist, sexist, and rapist as well, for President of the United States, is enough to make me want to sit in a corner and weep. Is misogamy so engrained in this country that fighting it is stronger than electing a totally vile person. Trump will never be my president. He is a person devoid of ethics; lacking respect for others; without an ounce of self control; and unprepared in all ways to lead our country. I have no respect for the man, president or not.

So tonight I pray for my country. I pray for my family, my friends, and myself. I pray for the strength to overcome my fear and distress at this election's outcome. I pray for an easing of my sadness at watching this opportunity for women dissolve. I also pray for people of color, immigrants...the "other" on Trump's enemy list.  I pray that I can forgive the people who voted for this vile man. I pray I can forgive the people who would not give up on their Bernie fixation and voted third party or not at all. I pray the ignorance in this nation can be replaced with wisdom and anger with hope.

The final word tonight - Donald Trump wins. God help us all.


"How do we go from our first black president to a president endorsed by the KKK? How?"

~ Rob Fee

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  1. I am SO sad this morning��