Saturday, November 12, 2016

A New Day!

Being home with family and friends and in our loving community is one of the best decisions Ed and I could have made once the election results poured in.  We cut our Thistle Adventure short and headed home.  We are recovering, surrounded with love and hugs.  We have stomped our feet in frustration, cried with sorrow, and experienced both anger and fear.  We have  mourned.  And now we have reached a resolve, waivering at times, but a resolve nevertheless:  

We will do whatever we can for our people, our country and our world.

I woke up this morning with this thought:  Trump is only one sorrowful, angry and scary man.  We are an entire nation of good people.  Yes, some identify with Trump's hate, but most of the nation does not, even many of those voting for Trump.  We are better than this ugly wave that has come over our nation like a tsunami. 

We can protest, like Gandhi, with peaceful resistance, as is already happening.  We can be strong, help one another, and continue to say no to Trumpism.  We can deliver to his angry supporters what Trump will not --  hope and kindness.   The Trump supporters, for the most part,  are simply crying out for help and they thought Trump might be the answer.  He won't save them from poverty or disenchantment or change.  But we fellow world travelers, we can show a better path.

We can be quietly and stubbornly strong and simply not accept the dissolution of our nation's good by a man who does not understand goodness.   We can share our money and our time in a million ways to fight for justice, affordable housing, and treatment for our ills.  We can stop calling others stupid.  We can volunteer to teach language to an immigrant who needs to learn English.  We can pick up trash in our parks to offset  budget shortfalls.  We can drown our kind and good politicians with letters of support.  We can smile at strangers.  We can say thank you. We can give a few dollars to a homeless person.  We can vote in two years to take back Congress.  We can pick up a hitchhiker.  We can serve at a food kitchen.  We can make music and art.   We can intervene when we see bullying. 

   Yes we can!

It's true Trump come January will have power, lots of power.  But he has no humanity.  Never forget, collectively we have lots of both -- humanity and power!   And, we have a little time before he's sworn in to strengthen our resolve and to get organized.

One more thing, we have humor, a trait Trump does not have.  Humor has saved many a day!  


"The best thing about the good old days was that…
I wasn't good and I wasn't old."



  1. Fran, your words are a balm on my grieving spirit. Thank you for sharing so eloquently and beautifully.

    Yes we can.

  2. Thank you Debbie. We are mourning here, including from the death of a long-time friend this morning, but we keep on as optimistically as we can. Best to you. Fran

  3. So glad we had that conversation a few days ago. It has helped me be clearer with myself and others how to go forward. This blog post carries that still further. I'm so glad we're standing shoulder to shoulder.

  4. Pressident Obama and President Elect Clinton gave us the words, now we need to do the work: "Yes We Can" and "Stronger Together". There is no doubt I am stronger because of you and our get-down-to-the-core talks. Thanks for your wisdom, Anne.