Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Stomping Away Misery

Misery: "a state or feeling of great distress or discomfort of mind or body"

This election cycle has been the true definition of misery! Tempers, nerves, fear and anger have all been stacking up as the weeks have drug on and on and on.

But, finally, tomorrow, Election Day is here --Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Will Hillary Clinton win, as I hope? Will the Democrats take back the Senate? My fingers are crossed. Could we throw in the House too? Not likely, but please, pretty please! And then on down the ticket with wins for Democrats, putting distance from the toxicity of this campaign. 

My political stance is no secret.  I switched from my birth-party many years ago because I wanted a party that would support me as a woman. I needed a party that didn't fight equal rights. I've never looked back. I became a Democrat on a single issue; I remain a Democrat on many issues.

My personal feelings are that we have only one qualified candidate for President, and she is exceedingly well qualified. What a pile of misery has been stacked on top of this one woman's shoulders by those who hate her and fear her. Attack after attack after attack. As a feminist, the misogyny directed at her has been painful and maddening and inexcusable.

As a member of Pantsuit Nation, I definitely would wear a pantsuit tomorrow, if I had one. Pantsuits aren't exactly Thistle attire, but I do have a white shirt and I will wear it to show my solidarity with the suffragettes, with women, and for the long fight of women to earn the right to vote. I can't express strongly enough how powerful the election of a woman president is to me.  Just the thought of Madam President makes me want to both cry and shout with joy.

Ed and I voted several weeks ago before taking off on our trip, but we plan to spend election day in a special way to symbolize the end to this election cycle.   We've planned to return to Smith Rock State Park for another hike. It will be the perfect tribute to this day.  It will be our show of strength and our hope for the future. The hike will be on Misery Ridge Trail. It is rated "most difficult" and goes up and over the ridge. Hillary Clinton's race has been "most difficult" as well and she's going up and over the ridge.

We will stomp our way along, kicking away all the misery Hillary has suffered and all the misery the American people have suffered.   Ed and I will celebrate the beauty and the good of this nation.

We will put misery behind us and move forward...stronger together! We will celebrate the results of early voting's good news, holding the faith of victory!


“As women, we must stand up for ourselves. We must stand up for each other. We must stand up for justice for all.” 

~ Michelle Obama

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