Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wuyi Mountains

China - #4

Wuyi Mountains welcome us…

After the wedding, we traveled to Wuyi Mountains National Heritage site with a somewhat dimished group.  Gina, our "Little Boss" was with us, and we picked up a Wuyi Mountains guide, once we arrived.    But we missed Joe, Greg, Deb, Lisa and Aaliyah.

Gina, our "Little Boss"

Wuyi Mountains guide and Fran

To see this remarkable place one must commit to stairs.  Up, up, up, and then down-up, down-up, and then up-down, up-down, followed by down, down, down.  Just to be repeated, again and again.

At the top of this staircase we were rewarded with a beautiful temple.



But we we were not done with stairs, not yet…

And if you'd simply had enough, another solution presented itself…


As we climbed the stairs, with our feet touching the same stone as the Chinese people, emperors and monks for hundreds of years, we basked in the mountains' history, architecture and natural beauty.




Tucked into this park were beautiful, well-tended tea fields.


Stopping for moments of faith…


The next day, a little foot and calf sore, we take a break from stair stepping and let ourselves be leisurely "poled" down the Nine Bend River.

We also found time to eat…

Nancy, Gina, Paul, Stef, Ed, Fran & Brad
(Yessi is behind the camera)

And to look about town...

 And never to be forgotten, the wonderful people we traveled with…

Paul & Stef

Brad & Yessi

Fran & Ed
And goof-off Nancy


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

~ Lao Tzu

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