Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hongcun Village

China - #6

On the nights before and after our visit to Yellow Mountains, Yessi booked a hotel for us in Hongcun Village.  Perfect!  

For thousands of years this village has preserved its character as a traditional Chinese village (World Heritage of China), including the economic and clan-based social structures.  Manmade waterways, village layout, architecture, building materials, and surrounding environment have all been preserved.  We found ourselves completely smitten with this village.

And, of note, both Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon had scenes filmed on location in Hongcun Village.

The street food, both day and night, was plentiful and sumptuous.

The streets were bursting with entrepreneurs.  Each home-shop doorway was set up with goods.   Their offerings artistically presented.

Walking the streets charmed us.

And at night it just got better.

But, I'm afraid we did our part to change it.  With chagrin, we wanted our morning coffee but the only drink offered in the morning was hot water.  Typically we traveled in China with Starbuck's instant coffee pacs, for just this situation.  Unfortunately, on this trip. we found ourselves without a supply.  On our first morning in the village we settled for tea, although even that was difficult to find.  On our second morning we were served coffee.  The previous evening Yessi and Brad, while enjoying a beer, talked the shop keeper into opening early for us the next morning. 

Here is the sweet man who got up early to serve us coffee.   A generous tip, lots of photographs and unlimited smiles showed our gratitude.

Outside the Hongcun Village gate was the "support" village where our taxi driver lived.  It was alive with the bustle of commerce.


"Life and human society are the chief concern of Confucianism and,
through it, the chief concern of the Chinese people.

~ Hu Shih


  1. Your posts are a wonderful gift. Ron

  2. Thanks for sharing. Looks magical, especially at night.