Friday, August 28, 2015

"Close, But No Cigar."

Ed and Fran, Sequim, WA, Fran's B-Day 8/27
Thursday morning Ed and I set out for Sequim for my birthday's chosen feat.  I had decided a couple of months ago to ride 75 miles (1 mile/year) on my birthday.  

Ed, Pt. Angeles

Fran, Pt. Angeles

Our destination, the Olympic Discovery Trail.  With construction beginning in the 90's, there are now 69 miles completed.  The 130 mile dream-trail is to be built from Pt. Townsend to the Pacific Ocean.   Although not yet completed it is nicely underway.  What is completed is the trail between Sequim and Pt. Angeles, which we rode, giving us 55 miles, round trip.

Olympic Discovery Trail, near Pt. Angeles

And then, we ran out of time.  First, we had a time consuming breakdown.  A tangled chain on a tandem can become quite a puzzling mess.  But perhaps even more of a hurdle, a 6:45 p.m. ferry to catch home.  At 5:00 we still had 20 miles to go, plus a drive from Sequim to Pt. Townsend.   Sadly, we could only say:   "Close, But No Cigar" 

We will try again, before the summer is over, but for now, there is no notch on my belt.  Nevertheless, what I am experiencing is a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure.  I simply can't complaint about a day spent with Mr. Ed on our wonderful tandem, and, today feeling muscles spent from yesterday's great outing.

Our Beautiful Beast, Pt. Angeles

My view from the back

"I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be."

~ Douglas Adams


  1. If you turn your head to the side, you may have a different view option! And besides, bell-bottoms went out of style decades ago!

  2. But who wouldn't want to look at Mr. Ed's cute bottom?