Thursday, August 6, 2015

Are we coming or going?

Yep, Thistle will have a rest and we're planning to take our home off the market.  It has been good to be back in Langley, living in our "best ever" home.  And gardening has been a joy.  Benton is beyond happy to be chasing deer, rabbits and squirrels out of the garden as well as clearing our airspace of birds and small planes.    

We had two offers on our home, both failed.   The first one was too ambitious; the second one not ambitious enough.  A third is in the works.  We'll see.  We had felt pushed to sell earlier than originally planned, by bad, bad, bad  neighbors.  Hallelujah, they are gone and the cloud over our neighborhood is lifted.  A recent Grace Lane & Cork Lane get together.

So, for now, we are two-home owners.  We are not walking away from our Thistle Adventure temporally or permanently.    Our redirect, even with a potential buyer promising an offer any day, was  to rent our home out as a vacation rental providing a perfect platform for showcasing living small and living green.  In  Langley"s slow season off we'd go in Thistle.

Not of the nature to stand around hemming and hawing, we took the idea of vacation rental and ran with it.  In mid July we advertised on Airbnb and have been almost full-up since. The last two weeks of July were busy.   August and September are beyond busy with almost totally full bookings.   And, October?  Off to China we go!

Really!  Are we coming or going?

"We are stubborn on vision.  We are flexible on details…"

~ Jeff Bezos


  1. This makes me smile, for so many reasons. The three photos at the top make me yearn; the others lift my heart.

  2. This makes me smile on so many levels. The three photos at the top make me yearn; the others lift my spirits.

  3. Never a dull moment, eh?

    Maybe you will head to Alaska next summer...? If you do, plan to spend the entire summer as we are. You really need that much time to do it right.

    What dates will you be away? We might make it back to Whidbey this fall. Would be fun to catch up with you. Your yard looks beautiful! Lots of fu friends and family toot appears.

    Best regards,


  4. Leslie, please come to Whidbey. We'll be here. After being travel pen pals for all these months, it would be great to actually meet you and Al. Fran

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