Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"…yep, it's a Good day!"

“Morning Short List

1. Woke up ✓
2. Air to breath ✓
3. Food to eat ✓
4. Roof over head ✓

...yep, it's a Good day!”

~Russell Kyle

Russell Kyle sums up life wonderfully for me -- the basics nicely met!  Then, when I throw in the trimmings of family, friends and community, I'm indeed blessed.   In reflecting on years past, I am grateful my life has been so rich.  I've never missed a meal, without intent, nor have I slept roofless, without intent, and I continue to wake up each day.     Yep, life is good.

The current teachings tell us we need to focus on today, don't look back and don't look forward.  Live  now, today!  Yet, how tasty the diversions.  Reveling in wonderful memories can be a delight.

Camping, family & Friends, 2014

Gathered for Brad & Yessi's wedding, family & friends, 2014
Brad & Yessi with wedding party, family & friends, 2014

Christmas dinner, family & friends, 2013 
Book group. friends, 2014

Looking forward is exciting as well.  Planning, anticipating, wondering, wandering, as we step out on our Thistle Adventure.

With the warmest of blessings…

Brad, Yessi, Ed & Fran

Happy Holidays! 
 May 2015 be a wonderful year! 
 Wishing each of you
Happiness!  Peace!  Good Health! 


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

~ William Arthur Ward

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