Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oregon Coast Special Places

Depoe Bay is said to be the smallest natural navigable harbor in the world, yet it is a lively working port.  A sea wall runs the length of the town enabling one to feel a part of the hustle and bustle of a boating community.   On a sunny day, like we had, it's a delight to walk among the myriad of fishing boats, with their riggings clanking and the gulls squawking.  

Cape Blanco Lighthouse, Port Orford, began operations in 1870 and claims to be the oldest continuously operating lighthouse.  But, my favorite fact is, it's the lighthouse with the first woman keeper, Mabel Bretherton, 1903.  

Walking the narrow road to the light house was delightful and the views indescribably beautiful.  Adding to the charm, a lighthouse  volunteer  entertained us with his repertoire of interesting facts.  

Newport was founded in 1866 and soon after become a popular travel destination.  Despite its popularity, there was no road until 1927.  Just two hours from Portland, it is still a popular place to visit with miles of walking beaches, good restaurants and an interesting port to explore.   We loved watching the sea lions and pelicans diving for fish around a fishing boat, competing with hundreds of screeching seagulls.  Although a tourist destination it still has charm and character and we enjoyed exploring the streets and docks.

In this swirl of gulls there are pelicans and sea lions.


"May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it."

~ Irish Blessing


  1. I love the photo -- third one down in the Cape Blanco section -- of the curvy road in the curvy landscape. I want to drive that road!! Seems almost like a metaphor for Thistle's journeys.

  2. We walked the road -- this perfect road. The wind blew harshly but we were warm and alone and content.