Friday, November 14, 2014

Eyes Wide Open

When I’m asked if I will be sorry we sold our home and moved onto the Thistle for a life of vagabonding I can now say, no.   I needed to take my time with this answer, even buying Thistle before the answer was certain.  But now I believe Ed and I have made a good decision about our future and I’m ready to drive down the road.    As Hunter Thompson says, “Buy the ticket take the ride.”

If in six months or six years  we tire of our Thistle life, we can change it.  But, even then, returning to what we had isn’t an option. We have closed doors to allow us to open new doors.  I’m pretty sure I won’t want to play that ol’country western song backwards and "get my house back, get my car back."

So here we go from this life…

to this life…

And from this home...

To this home..

And from this garden…

To this garden…

We go with our eyes wide open.


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

~ Seneca


  1. Oh Fran, this is so beautifully and simply put. Words and pictures both. Makes me sigh and smile, and hold such happiness for you and Mr. Ed. EVEN though I'll miss your physical presence hereabouts most of the time.