Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Magic Carpet

The blank wall on Thistle's backside now sports a map.  The map, hung only yesterday, has already been a success.  We've pointed out to friends where we are planning to go; directed others to our home towns; and showed new acquaintances Whidbey Island's location.  We know, with certainty, we will stand for hours at the back of Thistle, staring at the map talking options and plotting our travels.

As we traverse North America, little red dots will appear along our route.  Our story will unfold.  Our map will show us  roads traveled; towns, parks and mountains visited; trails hiked; roads biked; camp spots stayed at;  and lakes and rivers paddled.  It will provide reminders to us of the people we've met along the way.  We will accumulate experiences and friends.  We will have stories to tell.  

North America Map


"A good map is both a useful tool and a magic carpet to far away places."
~ author unknown


  1. what color dots for want to see next? How will we know where to meet you?

  2. Good idea. Color coded dots. Blue for Gawd Aweful. Yellow for great restaurant. Purple for best campgrounds. What do you think?