Friday, August 4, 2017

Helping Hand

We arrived at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal a bit before 5:00, but it was 8:15 before we finally loaded. Three heat-blasted hours on a sea of blacktop, not a tree in sight, surrounded by cars and trucks is a perfect definition for unpleasant. Hot sun penetrated Thistle. Wide open doors and windows were useless in catching any breeze on this still evening. Fortunately (and this is one of the most wonderful parts of RV travel), we prepared dinner as we waited in line, avoiding the only other dining option available -- fast food smothered in oil, sugar or salt.

We rolled into Nanaimo feeling damp from sweat and exhausted from a long trip, but fortunately well fed. It was 10:15 when we disembarked and headed up Vancouver Island, destination Parksville and Rathuevor Beach Provincial Park. Engulfed in dark, traveling unfamiliar roads, we stumbled north, knowing we were pushing park closing time. And, with the fate of late night driving, we drove past the park entrance. Circling back, not yet ready to give up, we stopped to ask directions. By now it was 11:45 and the man we consulted said, "Too late! The park closed at 11:00." But, he continued, "You're welcome to park back there." and pointed his finger to a utility area behind his business, "Just clear out early tomorrow morning."

We jumped at the opportunity this unknown man's trust and generosity provided. Our good fortune was a home for the night lacking aesthetics, but offering lots of heart. How sweet it is when a total stranger holds out a helping hand.


"Although an act of help done timely, might be small in nature, it is truly larger than the world itself."

~ Thirukkural Thiruvalluvar


  1. Terrific! Are you still on the island now? We thoroughly enjoyed the month we spent there!

    Will you get over to the West Coast?

    We enjoyed our ride on the mail boat through Barkley sound:

    Also really enjoyed the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver where we saw whales offshore and watched the surfers and kayakers at the Scookumchuck tidal bore.

    My feet are getting itchy, but we have no current travel plans. Dealing with a difficult tenant this summer, which is NOT fun.

    Keep blogging – love traveling with you! J

  2. We love traveling with you too, Leslie, and follow haRVy closely.