Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rain, Rain go Away!

Oh, wait, it's Washington. "Rain, rain, go away" won't work here. Yesterday we returned to Washington. Rain drizzled. Rain poured. Rain soaked everything. Rain came with thunder and lightning. Rain and wind arrived simultaneously. Rain came down from dark, angry looking clouds. Rain even emerged from fluffy white clouds. Without end...rain. Rain. Did. Not. Stop.

We camped at Pacific City State Park, where we mostly watched it rain, much to Benton's distress. Even for us webfooted Washingtonians, it was simply too wet to venture out. And, apparently, that was not unique. We barely saw movement in camp as the other fifteen, or so, campers hunkered down too.

Finally, at about 8:30 the next morning our windshield showed no rain drops so out onto the beach we go. Sticks and more sticks were tossed, to Benton's delight, before rain started up again. We scurried for Thistle, securing ourselves inside just before the torrent hit.

Moving on from Pacific City, we lunched at Quinault Lodge where we watched it rain (pour actually!) cozily ensconced in the lodge. After lunch we did a short walk with Benton before running for cover again.

Next we head to the Hoh Rain Forest, as if we're not getting enough rain at the beach and Quinault Lodge. The Hoh is beautiful...

And it rained. Rain gear protected us mostly, but huge puddles on the trails soaked our boots. The forest was soggy...everywhere.

In our wet-theme state of mind, we camped for the night next to the Hoh River and watched the river flow and the rain come down. Most of the campsites were flooded so tent campers needed to carefully evaluate their tent locations or expect a very wet night. Thank goodness for Thistle. We walk Benton when the rain stops, running quickly back to shelter when it started again. I'd say we've had rain today in a ratio of about 80 to 20, wet to dry, and it was no whimpy drizzle, but full on rain.

Home coming is weather dependent. We'll be home Wednesday or Thursday if conditions exist. If the sun comes out we'll delay to Friday or Saturday. Even friendship and adventure need sunshine.


"Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure."
~ Emily Wing Smith

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