Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yaak River

We had billed this trip as follow the turning-color-Aspen. So far it has turned into follow the turning-color-Larch instead. We had no idea! Larch fill many of the forests we've traveled, setting them on fall fire. The Aspen have mostly already turned and dropped their leaves, although we still might catch up with them as we head south down Idaho's panhandle on Highway 95, beginning tomorrow. But today it is Larch...again...and we are sooooo smitten!

The most westerly northern highway in Montana, Highway 92, from Koocanusa Lake looked so enticing when we were there a few days ago, we returned to Koocanusa Bridge and headed northwest toward the little town of Yaak River. Today's drive surpassed the fall beauty of my Larch Glory posting although I thought that would not be possible. The road itself is a delight too and highly recommended for motorcycle enthusiasts. It was narrow and full of curves with almost no traffic (we passed only one other car), although we did need to navigate a downed tree or two, several miles of snow, and white tail deer by the dozens. We clearly rate this road a 10+ in an automobile. On a cycle it would be off the scale.

When we arrived at Yaak River we simply had to have a beer in the town tavern. It looked like the place-to-be in this town. Food, declared excellent by the Mercantile clerk, was actually horrid, but the beer was cold and the small town hangout factor was high. Music was hard rock but only modestly loud. Clientele interesting. Perfect end of the day TGIF stop after a day on the road.

The gas station...

The rest of the town...all of it! Two hundred people in the winter, four hundred in the summer...


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

~ Albert Camus

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