Saturday, August 27, 2016

Today was Good

My Dad died from lung cancer shortly after his 60th birthday.  My mom died of a palsy condition at 76, my age today.  My sister died at 63 of breast cancer.  My mom's mother lived to be 100.  Her father died in his late 90's.  My dad's parents were both deceased before I was born.   None of my many cousins are still alive.  Family longevity is all over the place.  I can't say,  "This is the way it is in my family."   I see old age and I see early death.    

Life and death, health and wellbeing become topics to chew on.  No, not just chew on,  to take charge of.  How will I do this thing called aging?  Will I leap or whimper into my dotage?  Whimpering, never  a favorite of mine, leaves only leaping.  Well, not literally leaping, fused ankles don't leap so well, but they do pedal.    

                                                            Image result for graphics for leaping person

So, with  this in mind, I set my birthday goal -- my goal would be to ride 1 mile for each of my 76 years.  That's this year's goal but will it be the next year's goal too?  How far will my goal setting of miles to years reach, 78, 79, 80?  Will I ride 100 miles on my 100th birthday?

Ed, my always willing riding buddy.  Thanks Mr. Ed

A couple of years ago I had multiple surgeries from which  I'd never  achieved complete biking strength recovery.  Last  year I tried for 75 miles but fell short.  So this year's ride was an important one.  It required me to train, to focus and to put in sufficient effort to put my ripped apart abdomen back together again.  

On my birthday we set out at 7:30.  By noon we had finished 46 miles…

The next 30 miles were accompanied, supported and cheered by Brad and Yessi.  They made each intersection  festive and fun as they blew horns and shouted support…

and smiled…

And provided a loving push…

And then we celebrated!    Rhododendron Island County Park was filled with such cheer it still makes my heart dance…

The next morning we were still celebrating…

Sore muscles, yep!  Happy, yep!  Next year, yep!


"Today was good.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one."

~ Dr. Seuss


  1. Wonderful!!! Congratulations on living an amazing "old age." May it last at least another 25 years. ��


  2. Hooray for Fran! Your birthday blog is inspiring and wonderful. Congratulations, old girl!!! You are SOMETHING ELSE.

    Have the best 76th year ever!

    Love you,

  3. Thank you dear Betty. Love you too…a bunch. Fran

  4. I hope that Fran Abel would post on Facebook her powerful yet so very beautiful Thistle Blog story that she blog posted today. It made me smile, optimistic, hopeful, a little teary, and smile again. She and Ed are an "old school" loving and caring pair. We read about them in books but they are still in our midst.

  5. Thank you so much Ron. And now I am a little teary, yet smiling, too. I posted my blog on your page. Love you! Fran

  6. Way to go, Fran!


  7. This is a very beautiful, touching, inspiring, and extraordinary Thistle blog piece. Words escape me. Thank You Fran Abel. Ron