Monday, October 20, 2014

Beach Joy!

Ed and I have driven along the coast from Washington, through Oregon, and as far south as San Francisco numerous times over the years, but we always crave more.  So many beaches to walk, so many trails to hike, so many views to see, so many huge trees to exclaim over, so many sand dunes to explore.

Late September, we left Whidbey Island by way of Pt. Townsend, taking our time, stopping here-and-there, and then, after not many miles, camping at Seal Rock National Park on Hood Canal.  A sweet little camp with only a hand full of campers, perhaps because of the heavy rain.  Morning brought sunshsine that stayed with us most of the way down the coast. 

Poking down the coast we spent three nights in Oregon -- Nehalen Bay, South Beach and Harris Beach State Parks, before dropping into California. One of my dreams for years has been to walk the Oregon Coast from one end to the other.  It is still a dream, but somehow it now seems even more possible. An entire summer in Oregon hiking and biking the coast sound pretty grand!

We have had terrific weather except for rain our first night on Hood Canal and a second day we'd planned spending on the sand dunes.  It was windy and rainy and completely unsuitable for walking in the dunes.  We kept driving.

Walking the sandy beaches in Oregon delights us all, but especially Benton.  He swirls with happiness, running, running, running with joy radiating from his entire body.

Tonight we are staying at a state park in the Humboldt Redwoods.  Believe me, seeing one redwood is not seeing them all.  The majesty of these trees takes one's breath away.


"A tree is a tree.  How many more do you have to look at?"

~Ronald Reagon

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